Family photos that don’t suck.


Where it started…

The very first photography gig I booked way back in early 2015 was a family session. I was immediately hooked.

Nobody sits still. Nothing goes to plan. And why should it? Kids run the show and everything’s better that way.

How’s it work?

However you like really. Some people like to pack everyone in the car and meet me at a special location, but most families like to hang out at home. I have to say, that’s certainly my favourite way to do it. We can read picture books, or play with blocks, or go wild in the backyard. I’ve even been invited for a regular Sunday pancake breakfast. (Again. Please.)

My hot tip: Just be yourself and I’ll take pictures. I’m obsessed with capturing the everyday, mundane, ordinary, messy, toys-everywhere family life. I’m living one, too, and it’s the best.

Those memories are the ones I’m interested in making and keeping.



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